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What is an Inflatable Hot Tub

The word “inflatable” is a term used to describe an object that can be inflated for a purpose, commonly consisting of air, hydrogen, nitrogen and helium. The main principle of using an inflatable is the convenience of utilising space and functionality in the fact that when not in use it can be deflated into a small compact product. Inflatables, such as the inflatable hot tub come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. One distinctive area of inflatables is that they are manufactured as high pressure and low pressure products. The higher the pressure the tougher the material, usually containing many more limbs, whereas a l...

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Hot Tub Hydrotherapy

There is nothing quite as compelling as relaxing in a hot tub either on your own or with friends and love ones, however there is so much more on offer than simply relaxing. Each hot tub provides a wide range of health benefits, referred to as hydrotherapy. Hydro therapy is a term used to describe therapeutic treatments formed around the use of water. These include arthritic and rheumatoid therapy and can be implemented with physical exercise. In addition to this the health benefits include:-   Read More

The Rewards of 20 Minutes in the Hot Tub

There is nothing quite as rewarding as soaking in a hot tub. The mixture of warm water and the massaging effects invoke relaxation and relieve stress and aches and pains. Known as hydrotherapy, the hot tub offers a range of therapeutic properties such as helping treat illnesses including high blood pressure, rheumatoid pains, arthritis, flu like symptoms and much more. The combination of heat and water is effective for stimulating the circulation of blood, particularly the body’s immune system’s white blood cells. This in turn increases the endorphi...

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Expereince the Wonders of the Portable Spa

Increased demands in stress and fatigue have had a knock on effect in relation to people investing in hot tubs and spas as a means of relaxation and unwinding. Unlike other convectional bathing systems such as the whirlpool bath, the hot tub allows you, friends and family the opportunity to enjoy hydro therapy together. Previously, to experience the tranquillity of the spa you had to visit a health centre, gym or holiday destinations. Today this has changed through the development of the portable spa. The portable spa and hot tubs are now being developed as inflatable...

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The Insignia Indoor and Outdoor Spas

The hot tub revolution is upon us as we crave the unsurpassed bliss of relaxing in a spa like environment. This craze is increasing throughout the world to such an extent that many holiday retreats are implementing hot tubs and spas included within their amenities. In fact, for many holiday makers the hot tub has become a deciding factor when they book their accommodation. The same can also be said for many individuals travelling on business who are looking for a means of relaxing and rejuvenating after a long and tiring day. Read More