How much does it cost to run an inflatable hot tub?

In order to get the best out of your spa it’s important to always keep the inflatable bladder sat on top of the spa and the lid tightly zipped up when not in use. Typically you can expect to spend around £3 and £5 per week depending on the use. It’s common to see a rise in your electricity bill during the first month as this is when the spa gets used heavily, then once the honeymoon period is out of the way you will see your bill will settle in to a more routine cost.

What electrical supply do I need?

All Insignia Spas run on a 13amp / 240v electrical supply and you can plug your spa into any standard home electrical socket. The plug supplied with the spa is RCD protected, however it’s important to ensure your outside socket is also RCD protected and of course waterproof too.

What's an RCD?

Like all spas, inflatable hot tubs must be fitted with a safety cut-out in the event that any water comes into contact with the electrical supply to the spa. An RCD (Residual Current Device) immediately disconnects the hot tub from the electricity supply if water is detected and therefore stops any risk of electrocution. 

How easy are inflatable hot tubs to set-up?

Expect to spend no more than around 5 minutes setting it up. Our spas have a built in air blower too inflate the spa shell so there are no tools required. To fill the spa up with water it will take around 45 minutes to 1h:30 minutes depending on your water pressure from the mains supply. 

Do I need to secure the hot tub base?

In all cases you must have a level base which can support the weight of the hot tub and people in it. Therefore if it’s being mounted on a deck, ensure the footing has been correctly set to support the weight. We also strongly recommend that you place a heavy duty support matt or equivalent under the spa so that it adds to the comfort and also means the chance of getting a puncture is greatly reduced.

How long does it take to heat the water up?

This depends on the temperature of your mains water when filling the spa and the time of year. Typically in the warmer months the heating process will be cut in half and the water temperature will already be around 17 degrees, however during the colder months this time will take much longer as the water temperature will start around 8 degrees. Expect your water temperature will rise around 1.5 degrees an hour, so you can therefore work out how long it will take once you know the starting temperature. 

What maintenance is required?

We suggest that a soft damp sponge can be used to clean general dirt and any deposits/scum lines should be removed with a gentle spa surface cleaner. Do not use conventional household cleaners on your hot tub or you could end up with more bubbles than you could possibly imagine. Proprietary spa surface cleaners are non-foaming. All inflatable hot tubs have a pump and filter unit that removes particles/hair etc from the water. The filters are removable and should be checked and cleaned every week, using a proprietary spa filter cleaner. Filters need to be discarded and replaced at least once per month. You can buy replacement filters from our accessories section on our site.

Do inflatable hot tubs need a water sanitizer?

Yes is the simple answer. All hot tubs need a sanitizer to be regularly added to the water in order to remove bacteria and other impurities that can accumulate in the water. We suggest you purchase the starter kits offered with the spas as you will need one in all cases and this ensures you have the basics to get going from the start. For more information on how to maintain the water please click here 

What if the hot tub gets a puncture?

All our spas are supplied with a puncture repair kit. Similar to repairing a bike, simply clean the area, cut a small patch to fit over the hole and glue into place. Once dry it should form a nice tight seal and your spa will be back up and running.

Can I use an inflatable hot tub over winter?

NO! The spa is only designed to be used in temperatures above 4oC.The PVC material used in these spas becomes hard and brittle at temperatures below 4oC. Also the insulation is not really sufficient to keep the heat in when the ambient air temperature drops too low, thus the running costs will become high.

Can inflatable hot tubs be used indoors?

Yes, but you must have a well-ventilated room to remove any moisture from the air. The steam produced can build up a lot of moisture in the air which can linger, and if not removed can cause mould or even damage to furniture.

How powerful are the jets?

It’s a common myth that the more jets the better the spa experience. This is absolute nonsense! All inflatable hot tubs have a 'blower' which forces air through a ring inside the spa that has an array of tiny holes cut into it. The more powerful the blower (expressed in watts) the more force of air which creates more turbulent water in the spa. The power of the blower is much more significant than the number of air jets. 

How do I store an inflatable hot tub during winter?

Simply drain the water from the spa and then run the blower for 1 minute to push any water out left in the pipework. Finally clean and dry the spa thoroughly then deflate ready for storage. It’s a good idea to have kept the box so you have somewhere to store your spa during this period.

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