Health Benefits

Health Benefits of using a spa!

There are many health benefits to regularly using a spa, both physical and mental. The first, and probably the most obvious is muscle pain relief. Just as a nice long hot bath would alleviate tension and soreness in your muscles, the spa does the same. An extra benefit you get from the spa is the jets, which apply more pressure to tense and painful muscles, loosening them and making you more relaxed. This is perfect to stop or even prevent muscle soreness after that hard gym session.

As well as muscle relief you can feel relief from joint pain. Joint pain is very common, and is made worse as the blood flow automatically increases to the injured area and causes swelling. The warm water dilates the blood vessels to relieve pain and give you more mobility in the affected area. It is also thought that this can help people who suffer from arthritis. Something to think about when you’ve run out of ‘the herb’.

A simple 15-20 minute relaxing warm spa stimulates the body and releases endorphins. These endorphins reduce stress, help alleviate stress headaches, and even assist people sleep who suffer from insomnia.

With the warm water and soothing jets relaxing your body you can benefit from better blood flow through dilation of the blood vessels. This is scientifically proven to help reduce blood pressure and it also stimulates the nerves which boosts your immune system.

When it comes to dieting, it is always a struggle and a grind. Not only can muscle soreness prevent you from going to the gym, but after you’ve been, many people reward themselves with a ‘naughty’ tea, whether it be a pizza, Indian, Chinese or a chippy. The spa can alleviate muscle soreness, as previously mentioned, and can also be seen as a treat following the gym session, helping you stick to your diet. It is also thought regular use of a hot tub can assist in your weight loss, the stimulating jets of water massaging your muscles and stubborn pockets of fat.

Regular use of a spa can also help your body feel rejuvenated, relaxed, and reduce stress and anxiety. With all these things considered, there are more health benefits to having a spa than you previously first thought. Is a spa now a simple luxury, or a physical and mental necessity to keep your mind and body in peak condition?

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