Why Buy An Insignia Spa

It’s a common misconception, that a hot tub is only suitable for the summer season. We at Insignia know this is not the case, and are here, launching our Pro-Series range of spa’s this winter. Our luxurious 4 person spa is perfect for those cold winter nights, mild spring afternoons, warm summer mornings, and dull autumn evenings, meaning your inflatable spa is perfect to use all year round. After a hard day at work, or long day entertaining the kids during the school holidays, there aren’t many better things to do than enjoying a nice cold beer, in the warmth and comfort of your inflatable spa. The multiple bubble jets provide a genuine hot tub feel, far outweighing the low price it is available for.

So why buy an inflatable spa?

Well first and foremost it is available at an exceptionally low price from £349. Yes, that’s right! From just £349, you can own your very own hot tub and impress all your friends with your new classy accessory. Now, if that is not enough, there are many more reasons why an Insignia inflatable spa should be your preferred choice of spa. With it neatly packed into an easy to store box, all the items are light and can be carried around with ease. With no heavy objects involved it makes it easy to transfer around, meaning you can take it round a friend’s house for a party as easy as taking round a crate of beer, and let’s face it, who wants to talk to the guy that brought a crate, when the person to the left brought round a hot tub?

Setting the spa up couldn’t be easier too. All you need is a flat area in your garden, access to a plug, and a garden hose. Pretty straight-forward right?

Simply place the spa, ensuring the area is flat and clear of debris. You don’t want a puncture in your spa as it will deflate the spa, and your mood. Once your area is clear, place your spa, attach the multi-function hose, plug in and inflate. This literally takes 5 minutes, quicker than it takes to drink your first beer of the evening. Then when you’ve done this, simply fill the spa to the fill level, which can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour and a half depending on your water pressure. Then simply heat the water, and your spa is ready to use. Diving into a hot tub on a cold winter evening is equally as rewarding as it is on a warm summer evening.

There are certain Health Benefits to owning an inflatable spa too. A spa can aid in physiotherapy, in the form of muscle relaxation and the mobilisation of joints. Absolutely perfect to relax in after that hard gym session you’ve just done working off all those extra cakes and crisps. A spa is a much better reward in regards to your diet after a gym session, instead of treating yourself to that Indian or Chinese takeaway!

The increased temperature of the water and the air jets within the spa can also help prevent muscle spasms, improve general movement, posture and even coordination. Feel looser, more supple, limber and generally healthier with regular relaxation in your very own spa.

There are certain buying considerations to take into account when purchasing your inflatable spa.

The first of these is the Size. You need to work out how many people will be using the spa on a regular basis and at the same time. Our spa fits 4 adults comfortably, although you might squeeze a couple more in if they’re small, but you didn’t hear that from us. To put that into context of water, our spa holds roughly 800 litres, which is 800 cartons of orange juice, or 2400 cans of coke. Spacious wouldn’t you say?

Next thing you need to consider is the position. It is important to have a clear flat area of your garden to position the spa. If the surface isn’t level it is going to cause problems. Another thing to consider is the access to the spa. Can you access it easily and safely? You don’t want to have to scramble past a hedge and through a bush, creating a stressful assault course before and after your relaxing spa.

The surface is the next thing to consider. Much like in the position section, we reiterate the importance of a flat and level surface. If you want to place it on grass, make sure it is as flat as possible and can support the weight of a fully inflated spa. It is important to remember that a fully inflated spa, filled with water and people will be very heavy, so placing it on uneven wet grass is not advised. You also need to ensure the surface is clear of any debris. Any sharp objects can be hazardous to the health of your spa. The last thing you want to happen is for it to get a puncture because you haven’t swept the area thoroughly. It’d be even worse if it was full and had people in it.

The Water Content of the spa is something you need to consider too when purchasing your hot tub. Checking the depth of the spa is important so you know where the water will come up to when you are relaxing in your spa. Also some spa’s have a maximum temperature setting, so you need to check it can reach the temperature that you will require before purchasing. The Insignia Pro-Series can reach up to 40 degrees, which is the equivalent to a very hot shower.

Being Safe when setting up and using your spa is also crucial. Following the instructions carefully about how the pumping and heating systems work and also how to maintain the water filtration system. If small children are in the vicinity of the spa, add the covers and locks to protect them. The covers can also maintain the temperature of the water, or help accelerate the heating up of the water initially. The cover can also come in handy to prevent anything dropping into the tub when not in use, such as leaves or other floating debris. As the spa is inflatable, it almost goes without saying you should avoid smoking in or around it as burning embers can cause holes very quickly. This will only create a stressful situation which can no longer be remedied by a nice relaxing spa.

There are Further purchase considerations to consider after the initial practicalities have been thought about. The extras on the spa should be considered, whether it be more water jets for extra soothing and relaxation, seat cushions or drinks holders. Some of these accessories can be purchased with the spa, whereas some cannot, so make sure you know the sizes and specifications of your tub before buying accessories. Certain spa’s such as the Insignia Pro-Series, come with a touch control panel which can control the bubbles, the water temperature and even be used to inflate the spa. This adds an extra level of simplicity to the usability of your spa.

So why buy an Insignia Spa Pro-Series?

Well for a start our inflatable spa’s are portable. As previously mentioned you can move them around your garden, or even take it to a friends with relative ease. They are much more accessible price wise compared to the more upmarket fixed hot tubs. Your inflatable spa is much easier to maintain and also very simple to store, taking up a minimum amount of space when not in use. The Insignia Spa Pro-Series is suitable for all occasions, adding an element of class to any garden.

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