Water Problems - Help

Below are some common questions asked when it comes to water treatment symptons and how to remedy them. It's important to understand that the chart below should only be used as guidance only and in all cases refer to instructions on the chemicles themselves for dosage levels. 




Poor chemical efficiency/Increased chemical

High TDS

Consider if time to  drain/refill

Too much Chlorine/Bromine
after Oxidation/Shock


Allow time to naturally  dissipate or buy a chlorine reducer.

PH is hard to control

Alkalinity too low

Use an alkalinity increaser to raise the level.

Cannot maintain adequate sanitiser  levels

“Sanitiser” demand of  water too high at start  up, after holidays or due to excess contamination or neglect

Use a shock treatment or other products in routine oxidation recommendations.

Foaming Water

Oils/ detergents present

Use Spa No Foam

Cloudy Water

Poor  chemical controls or
inadequate filtration.
(often common after heavy use)

Clean cartridge, or consider if its time to drain and refill.  Check sanatiser levels with test strip and add chemicals accordingly to raise levels.

Rough sides/edges/stiff jets

Scale formation

Ensure pH levels are correct and if scale
persists use Spa Scale reducer to stop
calcium precipitating out of the water

No colour change on test
strip dip test

Too high sanatiser level leading to bleaching of indicator pads.

Check expiry date on test strips. Wait for sanitiser level to drop and re-test.

Test results vary

Air bubbles can increase  pH and
reduce alkalinity temporarily

Test when the system is turned ‘off’ for true results

Waterline grease 

Detergents/oils/greases present

Use a spa surface cleaner to eliminate



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